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Photography Competition

Kain Knight are pleased to announce the beginning of our 40th anniversary celebrations with the commencement of our first charity fundraising event – Kain Knight’s photography competition.

The competition is open to anyone but the content must have a connection to the legal industry (no matter how tenuous!).  There are four opportunities to win prizes – 1st, 2nd & 3rd in each heat and then the grand final.

The competition will run from February 01st until October 31st. This period will be broken up into three mini competitions – one every 3 months – the top three photos will be awarded with a small prize.  The dates are as follows:

  • Monday 1st February – Saturday 30th April (Top 3 places announced in first week of May) Michael Kain / John Brooks – first heat Judges
  • Sunday 1st May – Sunday 31st July (Top 3 places announced first week of August) Andrew Twambley – second heat Judge
  • Monday 1st August – Monday 31st October (Top 3 places announced first week of November) Dr Freddie Osbourne – third heat Judge

The grand finale will be held on Thursday 17th November at the Collyer Bristow Art Gallery where the Top 25 photos will be exhibited. The full judging panel will decided the overall winner on the night followed by a charity auction of all the finalists’ entries.

Judging Panel –

The cost to enter is £10 for a single entry or £50 for 10 entries (to be used in any of the heats)

To view the full terms & conditions please click here or email [email protected]

Good Luck and happy snapping!

Chantelle Roles

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