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Pilot Schemes in force before 1 April 2013 and their cases

Henry v NGN [2013] 2 Costs LR 334 Moore-Bick, Aikens and Black LJJ

There had been good reason to depart from a cost budget by £268,832, but for the future, under the new costs rules where budgets were to be approved by the court and revised at regular intervals, the receiving party would be unlikely to persuade a court that incurred costs in excess of the budget were reasonable and proportionate to what was at stake.

Murray v Neil Dowlman Architecture [2013] 3 Costs LR 460 Silber J

The budget did not state that it included additional liabilities: it would be extremely difficult to persuade a court that inadequacies or mistakes in an approved budget should subsequently be revised or rectified.

Willis V MRJ Rundell [2013]6 Costs LR 924 Coulson J

Refusal by the court to approve a budget in the Technology and Construction Court under the pilot scheme, which was disproportionate and unreasonable.

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