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Hourly rates versus “phase”

The 82nd update to the Practice Direction; PD 3E 7.10, says ”it is not the role of the court to fix or approve the hourly rates claimed. The underlying detail in the budget is provided for reference purposes only to assist the court in fixing a budget”.

Stocker v Stocker [2015] 4 Costs LR 651 Warby J

Hourly rates agreed and approved

Yeo v Times Newspapers [2015] 2 Costs LO 243 Warby J

Figures in the budget reduced because the court considered that the solicitors hourly rates were too high by 20 – 25%

GSK Project Management Ltd v QPR [2015] 4 Costs LR 729 Stuart-Smith J

Hourly rates agreed at between £575 and £600 for the defendant’s grade A and £275-£300 for the claimants grade A, approved by the court

Group Seven v Nasir [2016] 2 Costs LO 303 Morgan J

“Local solicitor” point addressed by ruling that the work could be carried out by solicitors outside the City of London. Hourly rates, uplifts thereon, Counsel’s brief fees and refreshers all fixed.

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