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Kain Knight's 'General Costs Update, Budgeting and Funding' Seminar.

Please join us for our general costs update, budgeting and funding seminar at The Devon Hotel, Exeter Bypass, Matford, Exeter, EX2 8XU on Tuesday 25th April 2017 from 15:00 – 18:00.


We are delighted to have the following speaker addressing these topics:

  • Colin Campbell (Former Costs Judge) – “General costs update and costs budgeting”
  • David Pipkin (Temple Legal Protection) – “ATE: Why do I not have insurance cover anymore?”


Please click here for more information and to reserve your place

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Kain Knight: March 2017 Monthly Case Law Update

March has already seen two important cases about costs budgeting. We focus on these below, but for the diminishing band of Lawyers who undertake criminal work, there have been a couple of interesting decisions to report. They concern remuneration for Pages of Prosecution Evidence ("PPE") and fees payable under a Defendant's Costs Order. Proportionality is continuing to cause problems. Another decision at Costs Judge level has sided with the approach of the Senior Costs Judge in BNM which is going to the Court of Appeal, but not until October. Until then, mayhem will continue....

JUDGMENT - Times Newspapers Limited (Appellant) v Flood (Respondent) Miller (Respondent) v Associated Newspapers Limited (Appellant) Frost and others (Respondents) v MGN Limited (Appellant) 

LORD NEUBERGER: (with whom Lord Mance, Lord Sumption, Lord Hughes and Lord Hodge agree) 1. Each of these three appeals involves a challenge to an order for costs made by a High Court judge against a newspaper publisher after a trial. In two of the appeals, Flood v Times Newspapers Ltd and Miller v Associated Newspapers Ltd, the trial involved an allegation that the newspaper had libelled the claimant; in the third appeal, Frost and others v MGN Ltd, the trial involved allegations that the newspaper had unlawfully gathered private information about the claimants by hacking into their phone messages. In each case, the newspaper publisher lost and was ordered to pay the claimants’ costs, and in each case the newspaper publisher contends that the costs order infringes its rights under article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. In Flood v TNL, the newspaper publisher also argues that the order for costs made against it was outside the ambit of what a reasonable judge could have decided....

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